What's Coming

Hello, friends! It's been a while. I thought I'd pop my head in to say "hello" and to give you a quick update on the world of Scarlet Elfcup. Lots happening around here.

First, a bit of reflection. I'd like to show you this transformation of Scarlet Elfcup's 6" doll....from Gardien released in April 2014 when Scarlet Elfcup came to life....to the sculpted Wee-Bee Mini Elfcup today. Fun to see, isn't it?

Now, for the juicies....this past week was spent in the abyss of bliss...working away on some custom requests AND:


Cutting. Sewing.


The world of crafting dolls has just changed for me with the ability to sculpt to my heart's content. Imagine a wide open door into a whole new world of creativity. So, this made me wonder to myself...will I leave the world of Waldorf where beauty and imagination lies in simple and expressionless? It gave me the pouts to think of that, so I have to say, "No." Scarlet Elfcup dolls will continue on with many creations made of the undecorated, un-ornamented and expressionless face that so defines the idea of simplicity and imagination. At the same time, I will also venture on further and deeper into different levels of creativity for my wandering and curious mind. Hence, taking on new and different ways to make dolls. Very exciting! It's all an adventure.

And now for the big news...a new pattern is in the works for an 8" doll.

Here's the 6" Wee-Bee Mini Elfcup. I love love love making the Wee-Bee Mini Elfcups. After making so many tiny ones in the past couple months, my hands are familiar with nothing more. It just feels so right to hold and handle the itty-bitties. I love making the 6" dolls for so many reasons...they are cute, tiny, sweet. And more so, they give me the chance to really fly into the world of imagination. To create the extras that go with the 6" doll is one of the most enjoyable parts of making a tiny doll. In other words, small things leave room for big imaginary worlds. If you haven't seen it already with past creations, you will see more of it for upcoming creations.

With all that said about my love for making the 6" Wee-Bee Mini Elfcups, I still want to explore the world of dolls on a pinch of an inch....or two more. Therefore, the coming of an 8" doll.

The 8" doll will give a tad bit more inches to work with the clothing design a bit more flexibly. At the same time, it's still small enough to leave room for big imaginings and creativity. And still small enough to fit in the cup of the hand. So, here you have it...the 6" Wee-Bee Mini Elfcup standing tall next to the upcoming 8" doll.

I have yet to work out some small kinks of the 8" proportion. But, the pattern is almost complete. Then, when the time is right, the official announcement will be made regarding the 8" doll.

For now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go fetch a small fairy from the forest. Wish me luck and hope that I will resurface next week from the other world with a fairy in my hand.

One last note before I leave....alongside a number of custom orders, I am working on a small batch of sweet little ones that I hope to have ready and placed in the shop by March 1....no promises, but, that's the hope. For now....off to fairyland.