Happy Easter!

Good evening! Has anyone seen where Today ran off to? That little Today, I seem to chase after it constantly. Well, I haven't any idea where it went or where to look for it next, but now I'm off to tuck Tonight in. I plan to see Tomorrow in the morning and when I do, I promise I'll be present to finally introduce you to the new mamas of the little ones you see below. So, see you in the morrow. Lala Salama! (means good-night in Kiswahili)

A Final Small Anniversary Gift

Happy Friday, everyone!

This is Elise. If you are interested in meeting her, please check back on the blog sometime tomorrow, Saturday, March 26. She is waiting on some clothes. Tomorrow, the anniversary week's final blog will be posted and included in the blog will be details regarding Elise.

Please have a wonderful evening and thank you for stopping by today. 

Day 4 Anniversary Giveaway

For those of you who are greeting a new day...

Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

For those of you who are bidding a day farewell...

Finish every day and be done with it. You have done what you could. 

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Today, on the fourth day of our week long celebration, the second to last gift of the week......a FREE Semi-custom 6" Wee-Bee Mini Elfcup to be delivered within the next 4 weeks.

The 6" Wee-Bee Mini Elfcup is Scarlet Elfcup's signature doll...the smallest doll in my line of dolls and my most favorite to create. The 6" Wee-Bee Mini Elfcup pattern was introduced in the Fall of 2014...nine months after I began Scarlet Elfcup. I fell so hopelessly in love with this size doll that I haven't been able to stop making them.

This tiny creation was derived from my original 6" doll, Gardien. The Gardien was one of my very first creations, begun because I wanted to make the smallest size doll possible which can still maintain a good form fit for detailed clothing. That's always been my thing....I LOVE SMALL. When I reflect on this, I find that this applies to almost everything in my life. When I camp and backpack, I pack only things that can be packed as small and as tight as possible. When I climb, the smaller the holds, the more gravitated I am and the more thrilled I am with the climb. When I pack for travel, I travel with the smallest pack I can...if it doesn't fit in the pack, it doesn't come. I traveled for 2 months through the Himalayas and India with one backpack the size of a daypack and carried with me exactly two pairs of clothes...one I wore on me and one I kept as a spare in my pack. (I handwashed and hung them to dry each day for 2 months...so, yes, I did bathe during those two months.) When I shop, I love to buy things that are small or that can be packed up small. When I knit, I love knitting with 0000 size needles. They are my favorites to knit with. There, you see...I just love all things SMALL.

So, it is no surprise that the first sized dolls I really wanted to create were the 6" dolls. When I created Gardien, I was pretty thrilled. But, I wasn't happy with how the Gardien looked. I wanted something equivalent to the large sized dolls...sophisticated, beautiful, well structured....but just many levels smaller. So, I worked to do exactly that and hence was born the 6" Wee-Bee Mini Elfcup. And to today, the 6" Wee-Bee Mini Elfcup remains the size I make the most of.

Today, I want to offer you a chance at a FREE Semi-custom Scarlet Elfcup 6" Wee-Bee Mini Elfcup. The doll will be created with mohair yarn, an unsculpted face (just like the original featured in all the photos above), and will come with one outfit. To enter your name for the drawing, simply leave a comment below and leave me your first and last name so that I may contact you in the case that you are a winner. (Note: If your comment doesn't appear on the comment block below straight away, do not fret. It takes some time to get processed and then it will eventually appear.)

Entries will close on Sunday, March 27, 2016 at 12:00 AM (PST). The winner will be announced via the Scarlet Elfcup blog sometime on Sunday, March 27, 2016.

Thank you for stopping by and good luck if you are entering your name for the drawing.



Day 3 Anniversary Giveaway

Hello again! I'm back today with a small friend I found. She was in the woods looking after some baby bird eggs. I named her Raspberry because she reminds me of Raspberry macarons. She's looking for a loving home. If you are interested in taking this baby bunny home, please look further down in the blog for info on how to enter your name for the drawing.

Raspberry measures 8" (25 cm) long. This sweet soft bunny is made with all natural materials. Raspberry is made with clean, pre-washed, repurposed 100% cashmere. Raspberry's ears, hands and feet are lined with a lovely 100% cotton fabric. Raspberry is stuffed with 100% clean carded wool. She is squishy and cuddly. Her eyes and nose are embroidered with 100% cotton embroidery floss. Her arms and legs are string jointed and will not withstand to rough play. So, gentle as she goes. She is recommended for ages 5+ only. She is not intended as a toy for young children who still mouth their toys.

Raspberry's floral crown is hand knitted from a delicate halo of 100% mohair yarn and permanently fixed to her head.

Raspberry comes with a nest of bird eggs wrapped in a hand crocheted bowl. The bowl is made from 100% cotton yarn. The three small wooden eggs each measure a little over 1" (2.5 cm) tall. The trio of unfinished wooden eggs are perfect for decorating to your heart's desire.

Raspberry Bunny is being given away as Day 3's FREE gift from Scarlet Elfcup for being here to celebrate our 2-year birthday. See below for details.

If you are interested in entering your name into the drawing to bring Raspberry home for FREE simply follow Scarlet Elfcup on Instagram, leave a comment or 'love' the photo of Raspberry on Instagram. This will help me identify those who are interested in participating in the drawing so that I don't inadvertently spam all of my followers on Instagram. You can also enter the drawing by leaving a comment in the comment box below (be sure to leave your first and last name so that I can contact you in the case that you are a winner).

Entries will close on Sunday, March 27, 2016 at 12:00 AM (PST). The winner will be notified sometime on Sunday via the Scarlet Elfcup blog.