ALAS! Welcome to the world, Wisegrey!

As I spent the month of January tending to many things within and beyond my workshop, this little owl sat in perfect patience waiting for his turn to awaken so that he may gather his "five-pound note, a small guitar and a honey jar" to begin on his journey of "a year and a day" across the seas with his sweetheart in search of their ring. 

Without further ado, let me introduce to you a young, grey and wise little soul.

If you were around last Fall, you might remember a young kitty by the name of Margaux.

Wisegrey came into the world for Margaux. So, soon...very soon these two shall set sail to the place where they will "dine on mince and slices of quince" and "dance by the light of the moon." Ah...swoon!

Wisegrey and Margaux are inspired by Scarlet Elfcup's "The Owl and the Pussycat" playset, created back in September of 2014. Margaux went home to her mama long ago and she's been patiently waiting for the arrival of her little owl. To read more about the inspiration behind the making of Wisegrey, you must read the "Words of Wisdom."

So, here he is...Wisegrey! Surely, you must be able to guess how he got his name. I needn't say more than the fact that his beautiful grey suit and the words of wisdom he carries in his hat and on his sleeve speaks for themselves. Little Wisegrey can doctor the grayest of days with words of comfort and wisdom, which he always carries under his hood and on his sleeves. Who wouldn't want such a wise sweet boy nearby always?

Wisegrey is an 8" (20 cm) doll, made with natural materials. His facial skin is made with premium quality swiss cotton jersey and his body/bodysuit is composed of ultra-soft, clean, repurposed 100% cashmere. He is softly stuffed with bio-wool and weighted with non-toxic, washable stuffing beads. His owl bodysuit is permanently sewn on, but his hat is remove-able to reveal a sweet head full of ginger-brown hair. His hair is made of mohair yarn. His owl hat has buttons for the eyes and a piece of printed fabric for the nose. He has an embroidered and simple, expressionless face. His cheeks and nose are blushed with red beeswax. His wings are embellished with beautiful and inspiring words of wisdom cut from individually-shaped fabrics sewn and then stitched to the wing. His feet are lined on one side with this beautiful printed fabric.

Wisegrey comes with his sweet guitar made of 100% cotton from a gorgeous vintage Owl and Pussycat fabric. The guitar is stuffed with 100% clean carded wool and measures about 6 in. (15 cm) long.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Wisegrey is recommended for ages 8+ due to the delicate nature of his design and the small parts on him that pose as choking hazards for very young children.