The Magic of Fall

Hello friends! I am so thrilled that Fall is almost here! It is, for our family, the most favorite time of year...a time when the seasons change (yes, even here in California...even here, the leaves change colors and the air gets ever more blustery and there are pumpkins and falling leaves and acorns and the smell of spice all around). At our house, it is also a time to celebrate many things...birthdays, family visits, ethnic traditions, holidays. It is indeed the most hectic and fun time of year for us.

Now that Summer is coming to a close and Fall is rolling near, Scarlet Elfcup's workshop will once again come to life. Even with the passing weeks, one by one critters and dolls have begun to make a lot of noise, tugging and calling for attention, asking and begging to be brought to life. All summer long they have been sitting idle, quietly and patiently waiting in their heaps of fibers, doll skins, fabrics. Now, it's their time for play!

In a couple more weeks, some Fall critters will be showing their faces and one or two 6" Wee-Bee Mini Elfcups will be here for a special Ethnic celebration. So, stay tuned!