Maturity in a Doll Face

Sculpting age into the face of a doll is taking me "ages." There are so many facets that determine maturing of the face. In babies and very young children, the cheeks are always overly-full and round. The proportion of the eye line relative to the length of the head is typically two-thirds of the length of the head from the top down. In a face that begins to show signs of maturity, the hollowing of the mid-face is distinguishable and the eye line is shifted to mid-distance on the head. It becomes even more complex when sculpting the face of a child who has passed toddler years but has yet to navigate the grade school years. In such a child, there will already be fat lost in the cheeks and the structure around the mid-face will have begun to develop. The proportion of the eye line on the face will also have begun to shift ever so slightly. Yet, all other features of youth and babyhood are still subtly present. To present these characteristics into the sculpting of a fabric doll face takes many rounds of trial and error. And even then, we wait for the final results. 

Here are two in progress with the elderly one. 

With that, I'll leave you to judge the age of each child and mostly the difference in age between the two...THAT is the key factor here.