A Teatime Doll and Playset

Note: This blog post is for the upcoming CC auction. Pictures posted here are for those interested in purchasing this teatime set at the live auction. Thank you.

This is a Teatime Doll and Playset. The package will include a handmade doll by Scarlet Elfcup. Scarlet Elfcup dolls are made with all natural materials and each doll is individually handcrafted and uniquely made. Penelope (the doll) will come with three needle-felted macarons (handmade by Scarlet Elfcup), a porcelain tea set and a small suitcase filled with extra clothing for the doll. All of the clothing is handmade, hand knit by Scarlet Elfcup and will include a hat, a hand knit sweater, a play outfit and a sleep outfit, and an extra pair of hand knit shoes. The clothing items shown in the pictures will not be the actual clothing items. Actual clothing items will be available for viewing at the live auction. There will be documents included in the package to provide detailed descriptions of the doll and clothing, instructions for washing, beeswax application for the doll cheeks and a story that goes with Penelope. This set is recommended for ages 8+.