Summer's Going, Fall's Coming

The end of Summer, for me, was marked with a mountain to climb. Things have been quiet around here as I've abandoned shop for a few days to summit the contiguous United States' highest peak, Mt. Whitney. Climbing and being in the mountain is an essential part of finding balance in my life, doing THE thing that makes me happiest and being in the place where I am most in my element. 

If you're just the least bit adventurous or have a love for the outdoors, feel free to enjoy the photographic journey up Mt. Whitney. And after that, I hope you find the inspiration to go seek the thing that makes YOU happiest and do it.

As for the things to come....Fall is nearly here....just a blink of an eye, really. And I'm so excited to share with you some news.

The first very exciting bit of news is that Scarlet Elfcup is joining the collective group, Dollectable, and will be participating in Dollectable's monthly upload of handmade dolls and critters. Truly and honestly, I don't know how I landed myself amongst this amazingly talented group of makers. To say that I am humbled and grateful to no end to have the opportunity to produce work alongside these ladies is an understatement. If you are not familiar with Dollectable or it's members, please hop on over to the group's Facebook page and check out the makers and their incredible handmade dolls and critters. Dollectable's next upload to it's Hyena Cart shop will happen on October 1, 2015 and Scarlet Elfcup is excited to be participating in that upload. So, stay posted for more updates and information in the coming weeks.

Fall is near, which means it's time to bring out the sweaters.

If you were here last year about this time, you might remember the Fall Owls and Kitties. These ultra-soft and pudgey critters were inspired by the making of Scarlet Elfcup's The Owl and the Pussycat playset.

This year, I'm excited to bring these little fellows back along with a few new friends. 

There we have it...the bit of catching up I had to do. For tonight, have peace and rest well. I'll be back for more news very soon in the coming days.