"I ask children to forgive me for dedicating this book to a grown-up.  I have a serious excuse:  this grown-up is the best friend I have in the world.  I have another excuse:  this grown-up can understand everything, even books for children.  I have a third excuse:  he lives in France where he is hungry and cold.  He needs to be comforted.  If all these excuses are not enough, then I want to dedicate this book to the child whom this grown-up once was.  All grown-ups were children first.  (But few of them remember it.)  So I correct my dedication."
― Antoine de Saint-ExupéryThe Little Prince

Welcome to Scarlet Elfcup.  Here you will find things made of dreams and adventures for all ages.  And I hope that what you find brings you feelings of happiness, playfulness, imagination and warmth.  Because here I feel that way.

Scarlet Elfcup dolls are individually hand-made and uniquely crafted using high quality fibers and materials imported from Europe, Canada or produced in the United States. Our dolls are made with all natural materials, doll skin composing of 100% cotton jersey or interlock, doll stuffing composed of 100% wool, doll hair composed of mohair or any number of sheep or alpaca fibers and doll facial features created with 100% cotton embroidery floss. On occasion, if jointing or armatures are involved, the dolls may consist of jointing or armature materials that are not all natural, such as metal wires that are built into the doll to provide jointing and bendy movement in the doll's various body parts.

When you choose Scarlet Elfcup, you are casting your vote for the value of a hand-made item vs. mass produced consumer products. Additionally, you are supporting a small, independently-owned, personally run business vs. the large, impersonal big box retail businesses.

Like each of us, a doll born unto the world has a story.  Without a story, a doll cannot have a life come true. And like all of us, each doll is born with a unique personality that makes them who they are. This is why every doll made by Scarlet Elfcup is unique, one-of-a-kind and has his or her story to tell.  So, I welcome you to explore the website, to read the blog and enjoy the captivating photos that tell the stories of Scarlet Elfcup's dolls.