Scarlet Elfcup dolls are handcrafted individually using natural fibers. Here you will find personal tales that awaken in YOU a world of dreams and adventures that go beyond mere sawdust and stuffing. Each and every doll is wonderfully handmade and uniquely created to capture the magic and imagination of an other world. I am lucky to work with a community of fiber artists to bring together creations that are made from high quality, small batched, conscientiously grown fibers. Be a part of the bigger community by supporting handmade fiber arts and dolls run by individuals who care deeply about how and what they create.

How are your dolls and soft sculptures made?
Scarlet Elfcup dolls are made of all natural fibers. The doll skin is typically made from Swiss cotton jersey or interlock imported from the Netherlands or milled here in the USA. The stuffing is made of 100% clean carded wool grown in the USA. Doll hair is typically made from any number of natural fibers such as alpaca, mohair, or any number of sheep fibers. I do not work with Tibetan Lambskin. The doll clothing is made from any number of 100% natural fibers such as cotton, wool, alpaca, bamboo, silk and much more.

Scarlet Elfcup soft sculptures and textile artwork are made from all natural fibers. If there are synthetic materials included for the structural integrity of the work, then these will be disclosed in the descriptor for the creation.

All Scarlet Elfcup doll and soft sculpture patterns are designed and made by me...this includes my doll patterns, my knit patterns, my embroidery work, my soft sculpture patterns and more.

Scarlet Elfcup work is done in a smoke-free, pet-free environment.

Where can I buy your dolls?
I sell my dolls through my Etsy shop and via Dollectable.

Do you have a regular time and date when you put new dolls up for sale?
On Dollectable, a doll will be stocked on the 1st of every month at 7:00 PM EST.

In my Etsy shop, when I do have RTG (ready-to-go) dolls for sale I will give all the details on my Facebook page, my blog, or my instagram regarding the time and date when the doll(s) will be posted in the shop. 

How much are your dolls?
Everything is priced differently as I love to change the size and scale of each project.
But here is a rough price guide…

Prices are subject to change without notice and do not include taxes and shipping.

Do you do custom orders?
I love the freedom to make whatever I like and it’s how I’m happiest working. However, I also find that custom orders give me an entirely different level of gratification because it is through this process that I am really able to connect with people on an individual level and I do love this. In order to balance both customs and making whatever my heart desires, I will be taking in only 4 custom orders per year, starting in 2017. 

How can I keep up to date with work that’s coming up?
I give regular updates on:

Whenever I have new work available I will give dates and times of when they will be posted in my shop.

Do you make everything yourself or do you have any help?
Everything is made by me...everything. I am a one-woman operation and I do everything from the marketing, packaging, printing of labels, making of muslin bags that the dolls come cozied up in to the designing, drafting, sewing, and much more. If there is knitting involved, the items are hand knit by me. If there is embroidery work involved, the embroidery design and hand work are done by me. I enjoy tremendously the process of dreaming up entirely new creations for each project. Each creation often requires the making of a new knit pattern or a new sewing pattern or the learning of an entirely new skill set and therefore this takes a lot of time to come together. I also like to take my time to think through the process of each creation, giving a lot of thought and time to drafting and designing a sewing pattern or finding the right fabrics to piece together the doll's clothing or personal item. For all of the reasons above, dolls do come a bit slow sometimes. But, that's just the way I work, I'm afraid.

What training do you have?
I have no formal training in anything to do with doll making, textiles or sewing. I've learned it all myself through books, the internet, and experimentation. I am a mechanical engineer by training. So, my background goes hand-in-hand with what I enjoy most about the creative world of fiber arts...measuring, puzzle piecing patterns, playing, experimenting, testing, failing, and doing it all over from scratch to work toward a final product is part of the process that I enjoy tremendously. This is how I've learned doll making and textile art and this is how I've built the skills that I have today. It will always be a continuous learning process for me and I hope that the learning never ends.

Do you do 'trades' or 'swaps'?
I don't.

Will you work with some fabric that I have myself?
I don't.

Do you sell your patterns?
Not at the current time. No.