Where can I buy your dolls?
I sell my dolls through my Etsy shop.

Do you have a regular time and date when you put new dolls up for sale?
When I do have RTG (ready-to-go) dolls for sale I will give all the details on my Facebook page, blog, instagram etc of the time and date when the doll(s) will be posted in my Etsy shop

How much are your dolls?
Everything is priced differently as I love to change the size and scale of each project.
But here is a rough price guide…

Prices are subject to change without notice and do not include taxes and shipping.

Do you do custom orders?
I love the freedom to make whatever I like and it’s how I’m happiest working. However, I also find that custom orders give me an entirely different level of gratification because it is through this process that I am really able to connect with people on an individual level and I do love this. This year I am not taking on anymore custom orders as I am booked until the end of the year. As 2016 rolls around, I may consider opening a few custom spots.

How can I keep up to date with work that’s coming up?
I give regular updates on my facebook ‘page’ and blog. Whenever I have new work available I will give dates and times of when they will be posted in my shop.

Do you make everything yourself or do you have any help?
Everything is made by me...everything. I am a one-woman operation and I do everything from the marketing, packaging, printing of labels, making of muslin bags that the dolls come cozied up in to the designing, drafting, sewing, and much more. I never mass produce or reproduce any of my dolls, I'm afraid. I enjoy tremendously the process of dreaming up entirely new creations and therefore this takes a lot of time to come together. Each creation often requires the making of a new knit pattern or a new sewing pattern because I don't enjoy doing the same thing more than once. I also like to take my time to think through the process of each creation, giving a lot of thought and time to drafting and designing a sewing pattern or finding the right fabrics to piece together the doll's clothing or personal item. For all of the reasons above, dolls do come a bit slow sometimes. But, that's just the way I work, unfortunately.

What training do you have?
I have no formal training in anything to do with doll making, textiles or sewing. I've learned it all myself through books, the internet, and experimentation. I am a mechanical engineer by training. So, measuring, puzzle piecing patterns, playing, experimenting, testing, failing, and doing it all over from scratch to work toward a final product is part of the process that I enjoy tremendously. This is how I've learned doll making and textile crafting and this is how I've built the skills that I have today. It will always be a continuous learning process for me and I hope that the learning never ends.

Do you do 'trades' or 'swaps'?
I don't.

Will you work with some fabric that I have myself?
I don't.

Do you sell your patterns?
Not at the current time. No.