Look! A New Book!....Mathematics in Practicum

The girls have had their noses in THIS book all day...flipping forward, flipping backward, page for page, reading charts, learning new lingo and abbreviations...s1wyif, permutations, inversions, sequence....sound like a lot of mathematics? Imagine that...mathematics in practicum. Take the 1-row, serpentine, spiral and shaped 1-row methods and voila!....the end product?....rectangles, cylinders, triangles and parallelograms that form an infinite array of fabric textures and patterns.

Last night, I had the pleasure of attending Cecelia Campochiaro's Sequence Knitting class to learn techniques for creating an incredible array of fabrics. Cecelia Campochiaro is no newbie at knitting. Up until very recently, Cecelia worked full-time and knitted as a hobby in her spare moments. The result of those endless hours of passionate knitting....a published book....Sequence Knitting.

Sequence Knitting is an incredible compilation, created over the past 5 years, of Cecelia's knitted sequence patterns and contains the latest technique in knitting whereby a fabric can be created simply by knitting a sequence over and over. The book contains nearly 400 pages of beautifully photographed charts, patterns, projects and discussions about Cecelia's tried and true methods. This is a book for the passionate knitter at heart. If you are such a person and you're interested in purchasing the book, simply go to www.sequenceknitting.com. To find Cecelia, visit her on Ravelry, Facebook, or Instagram.

The girls are still deep in fiddling with the book. When they've finished perusing to their hearts' content, we will continue on with the rest of their clothing. Little one needs shoes and a hat. The hat she has on is borrowed and she insists on having her own. Big sis needs some shoes and undies. They're both also anxiously waiting on some toys for the road. They're giddy about meeting their mama and they can't stop talking about it, even in the midst of a fascinating new book.