Does Anybody Know Who Belongs to This Boy?

He is one who fell out of his perambulator and hence declared forever "lost."  He represents only a sort of a passed baby and therefore goes to live in Neverland for all time....until Wendy came along.

Rather than be given an actual name, he is called by epithet because by the natural law of Neverland he is not allowed to be anything like Peter.

He has a sweet demeanor, beautiful curly brown locks, deep dark round eyes and a nose and ears cute as a button.

When Peter returned to Neverland with the children, this particular boy was the first to pass before their eyes as things went round and round in the absence of Peter.  "He is not the least brave but the most unfortunate of all that gallant band.  He had been in fewer adventures than any of them, because the big things constantly happened just when he had stepped round the corner; all would be quiet, he would take the opportunity of going off to gather a few sticks for firewood, and then when he returned the others would be sweeping up the blood.  This ill-luck had given a gentle melancholy to his countenance, but instead of souring his nature had sweetened it, so that he was quite the humblest of them all."

                                                                                    - J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan and Wendy

Often times when he is off gathering sticks for firewood he would get distracted by the adventures a particular tree might offer or he would take pause to sit under a rock and just feel the breeze.  His relaxed manner is partly why he often misses the bigger adventures experienced by all the other boys.

Like all boys who live in nature, he likes to be without clothing.  Barefooted, bare breast and free is how he likes to be...just as he was when he fell out of the perambulator and into Neverland. 

With time, he had concocted some ideas about clothing because in his preconscience he is after all a boy with a mother.  So, he found some clothes that he borrowed from a pirate and pieced together a suit that he thinks his mother would approve of...that is...the mother that he sometimes wished he had.  His clothing was quite tattered and dirty when Wendy found him.  But, she quickly washed them clean and patched them up so that he might sport a somewhat civilized look.

Do you know this boy's name?  If so, could you please tell me because I would love to return him to a mother who will take him away from Neverland so that he might be raised in a safe, loving and nurturing environment and grow up to be a judge or something professional....only if this is what he wishes for.  But, we don't know if this will be his choice.